A 3 Day Virtual Event exploring profound changes in
Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Application.

Become part of something big.

FEBRUARY 1-3, 2021


The Authentric Events Platform Demo featuring the DCA Forum

The 3rd Annual Data-Centric Architecture Forum was a benchmark for Authentric Events. A collaboration between our platform design team and the event host team of Semantic Arts, this site is more than a demo version of the event site, it is the same fully functional version used during the event. It represents the progress Authentric is making towards a vision for the future of online events, seamlessly combining a streaming video auditorium with accessible session meeting rooms, social and networking rooms, integrated chat and message board communications, attendee representation, vendor booths, and a dynamic event hall, all in a single, fully event-branded environment.

Your Event Key Is Your Access

For a tour and access to the event platform and demonstration of its features, contact an Authentric representative from our website contact form at authentric.events. If you have already been issued an event key, come on in. We’ll see you inside!